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Latest Original Oil Paintings and Giclee Prints by Groves

Larger originals and LTD Prints:

West Gate of the Narrows

Little Round Top, Gettysburg

The Robin Snow

Harper's Ferry

Cumberland, Md.

Devil's Den Sharpshooter

Other Groves Prints

Western Maryland Gallery
James C. Groves' Landscape Paintings and LTD Art Prints; Also notes on Historical Oil Painting Technique, Varnishes and Mediums

"Beneath the Casselman River Bridge; Distant thunder, July Afternoon". Original oil Painting on linen canvas by James C. Groves, April of 2024.

Painting measures 18x24-inches. Pigments combined with Origin Congealed Varnish; then applied with a solvent.

US price is $5800 unframed. Price includes shipping in Continental US address only.

Get the limited edition Giclee print. Image size is 11"x15", edition of 200 prints, 100% Cotton Rag WC paper w/ all pigment inks.Price includes shipping cost in 4" tube

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James C. Groves - 2021 - The Painter at 70

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James C. Groves: About the artist

Noted for his large, highly-detailed grand-view geographic oil landscapes, James C. Groves (1951-) is a contemporary practitioner of the 'Grand Landscape', a manner of painting common to America's 19th century Frederic Church, Albert Bierstadt, and Thomas Moran.

Born in Fairmont, W.V., the painter began drawing at age 3, began water coloring at age 4, and oil painting by age 9. The artist graduated from Frostburg State College (1973) with degrees in Geography, Psychology and Education. After a 2 year sidetrack as a Geography teacher, Mr. Groves began practicing his craft professionally. Having spent nearly 8 years and thousands of hours, in the 1970's and 80's, visiting and studying at Washington, D.C.'s major galleries, Mr. Groves became primarily adept at utilizing the amazing painting techniques of America's 19th Century Hudson River Painters.

In the 1980's, Groves began delving into the methodologies of the much-older schools of oil painting. Out of this lengthy study came a multitude of findings, which has allowed the painter a scope of knowledge concerning traditional oil painting practice and materials. His careful gleanings and re-creation of numerous 'lost' painting methods and mediums have had a notable influence in the artworld.

A full-time painter, Groves paints almost daily, 'rubbing up' his own oil paints just before use. His masterful creations display a thorough knowledge and understanding of historical oil painting method and materials. His command at depiction of the various landscape elements -- sky, weather, land, vegetation, water, mountains-- is second to none. Additionally, and pervasive to the whole, Groves' originals achieve life from these elements through a curious 3-dimensional character ; a rare trait that allows viewers to look' into' the painted landscape, rather than simply at it.

Groves has also been creating limited edition offset lithographs since 1987. Thousands of his unique, detailed and colorful art prints have sold worldwide.

The painter maintains a studio-gallery near Frostburg, Md. At least 60 of his works are on view at Western Maryland Gallery.

Mr. Groves' acclaimed 28,000 word report defending the actuality of the famous Devil's Den Sharpshooter of the historic Gettysburg Battlefield can be accessed here

For Those Who paint in the Classical Manner We Offer Historical Painting
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Carolyn and James Groves
Galleries 1 and 4 at Western Maryland Gallery

"Paw Paw Tunnel", 2002, Oil on Canvas, 24" x 30"

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