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Western Maryland Gallery's Varnishes and Mediums for Oil Painting

16th Century Amber Varnish 60mil. bottle is $44.00

Venetian Amber Varnish 60 mil. bottle is $44.00

Amber Oil of Venice 60 mil. bottle is $32.00

Gentileschi Amber Medium 60 mil. bottle is $24.50

19th Century Copal Varnish 60 mil. bottle is $24.50

19th Century Drying Copal Varnish 60 mil. bottle is $25.50

Cole's Copal Varnish 60 mil. bottle is $25.50

Copal Jelly Painting Medium NEW! Large 5.5 oz Tube is $31.75

Copal Painting Medium 65 mil. bottle is $16.50

Select drying speed from drop-down window:

Sandarac Oil Varnish 80 mil glass bottle-Original 1500's varnish.

19th Century Meguilp Large 5.5 oz. metal tube is $39.75

Original Roberson's Medium New size! .large 5.5 oz metal tube is $39.75

Bombelli 60 mil. jar is $21.50

Raw Walnut Oil 4-0z. (120 mil.) plastic bottle is $8.50 (OUT OF STOCK)

Heat Polymerized Oil (Chose Walnut or Linseed) 60 mil. bottle is $16.50

type of oil

Walnut Black Oil 60 mil. bottle is $15.50

19th Century Siccative de Courtrai 60 mil. bottle is $20.00

ORIGIN Congealed Oil Varnish (for pigments) 65 mil. glass jar is now $29.50

Select version

Fir Wax Congealed Resin Varnish (for regular oil paints) 65 mil. glass jar is $30.75

1-Set of Eight Color Pigments $48.50

Asphaltum Oil Paint (37-mil. metal tube)$19.50

Pine-Based Oil Coating Varnish (80-mil. bottle)$24.50

"The Sharpshooter's Shrine" (Artists Ltd Lithograph)$90.00

"The Desecration of the Shrine" (Artist's Ltd Lithograph)$90.00




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Western Maryland Gallery

11425 Upper Geo. Crk. Rd. SW

Frostburg, Md. 21532 USA

Make check or money order payable to: Western Maryland Gallery.

You can also call our gallery at 301-689-3389


Shipments within the USA

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2-3 items $8.50

4-5 items $11.50

6-8 items $15.50

9-15 items $17.85

International Shipments (except to Canada, which is considerably less)

1 item costs: $16.75

2-3 items : $26.75

4-6 items: 37.80

We cannot ship more than 6-items internationally. Email any questions to: wmg@jamescgroves.com

Shipping is by United States Postal Service via 1st Class and Priority Mail, estimated delivery is 2-3 business days across the US (International shipping via USPS; estimated 1-2 weeks delivery via 1st Class Air and Priority Mail.) [Note: We reserve the right to cancel orders to certain world countries where shipping is problematic.]

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